Sophie Duez divorced from Manu Katché: the father of her daughters has rebuilt his life with the beautiful Laurence

Between Sophie Duez and Manu Katché the love lasted about ten years. From 1980 to 1990, to be more precise. A period during which they became parents of two daughters: Lucile (born in 1989) and Rose (born in 1992). The first created her own company which gives advice in public relations and communication while the second seems to follow in her mother’s footsteps since she is an extra but also describes herself as a “screenwriter and director“.

If their parents have been separated for a long time, Lucile and Rose can, on the other hand, rejoice for their dad who has since rebuilt his life alongside a certain Laurence, former make-up artist for the jury of the New star but unknown to the general public. At least, until she took her first steps into the world of television in 2008 as a journalist in charge of interviews on the show. Five dates, one life, broadcast on the channel I-TV (the former name of CNews).

“A Man I Admire”

A little Tess was born from their union in 1999, when Laurence was already the mother of a certain Benjamin (born in 1991) before meeting the drummer. It is therefore as a blended family that the couple seems to have flourished for so many years.

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