Sony about to catch up on Apple?

Sony has just announced the acquisition of Savage Game Studios, a company specializing in the creation of mobile games. With offices in Berlin and Helsinki, the company is however quite discreet and we do not know precisely which titles in its catalog the Asian group has got its hands on. But that’s not the most important thing.

Indeed, it seems that it is above all the know-how of the developers that attracted Sony. Thanks to these skills, games exclusive to the PlayStation catalog could then one day be ported to iOS and on Android. Today, the publisher’s presence in this sector is thus entirely relative, which should change quickly.

The GAFAMs in the sights

Unsurprisingly, this news puts the foot in the dish at a time when the world number one in gaming is still Apple, thanks to the millions of euros earned each day via in-app purchases of iPhone and iPad apps. With the on-demand platform Apple ArcadeCupertino also offers unlimited access to more than two hundred games for 4.99 euros per month.

Future Savage Game Apple Studios releases should also overshadow Alphabet, which together with the Google Play Store or Stadia is also very well positioned in the video game market. Meta, for its part, focuses on virtual reality with 360 degree headsets from the manufacturer Oculus, acquired in 2014.

Iconic licenses pending

We also know that sony is already leaning more and more towards formats other than that of home consoles, as in the case of the arrival of The Last of Us, god of war, Horizon or Uncharted on big or small screen. The Japanese also announced that he wanted to develop computer franchises, understanding that the majority of consumers are now more inclined to have their games on more mobile devices such as laptops. With their M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, the future MacBooks that will probably be announced in October will then have everything you need to participate in this success… – Official App

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