Slimane “very sick”: his state of health has turned his schedule upside down!

Slimane has released his new album titled Chronicles of a Cupid this Friday, September 2. Composed of 19 titles, including five duets, with in particular La Zarra, Soprano, Claudio Capéo and Lyna Mahyem, is his third solo album.

During an interview granted to Bernard Montiel on RFMand relayed by the magazine Gala, the singer returned to the preparation of this new opus. He has especially mentioned the filming of a clip which, for health reasons, did not go as planned.

An opus of 19 titles

Slimane signed his big comeback this Friday, September 2! Indeed, the singer has released his brand new album, “ Chronicles of a Cupid ». This is an opus composed of 19 titles and the singer’s third solo album. Indeed, the singer had a resounding success with his duet with Vitaa and their album Versus. Nearly 1 Million albums sold, 6 singles, including 3 Diamond, 1 Platinum & 2 Gold and more than 500 Million YouTube views… Glory for Vitaa and Slimane! But today Esmeralda’s dad is embarking on a project alone again.

The tour VerSus, Vitaa and Slimane’s studio album, will soon end. Thus, at the microphone of Bernard Montiel, Slimane explained the reasons why he does not sing with Vitaa in the Chronicle of a Cupid. “We really love each other. We just did forty songs together… Now we’re so connected on a lot of other things too thatwe don’t necessarily need to add more. We did a lot of songs together. And I think that the day we return to the studio, we will have to have experienced a lot of things both, each on our side, for it to work again, ” he said, with great sincerity.

Cupid inspired by Esmeralda

With the Chronicles of a Cupid, we can say that Slimane came back with lyrics that couldn’t be more personal. In this album, Slimane sings words that deal with his mother, his sister, but also his daughter, little Esmeralda, born on January 27th. We can say that the happy arrival of this baby inspired the singer, who wrote several songs thinking only of her. “One, in particular, called ‘Thousands of, I love you’, which is totally for her”he confided in the show Indulge broadcast on RTL.

While on the show 50′ Inside, Slimane had managed to find the right words for his feelings. “What I have been looking for all my life, fatherhood has brought it to me. I think I had too much love in me. And suddenly it was finally able to come out for good reasons »he had expressed to Nikos Aliagas.

A clip of Slimane without Slimane

In an interview given to Bernard Montiel on RFMthe singer confided as to the underside of the filming of the clip of ” You “.

The clip of ” You “ has accumulated almost 550,000 views since its release on August 26. But when we look at the images of this clip, we see that Slimane does not appear in this video. Only the dancer Theodora Guermonprez evolves on the screen. Why is that ? At the microphone of Bernard Montiel, Slimane revealed the underside of his realization which was complicated. “I got very sick. It’s the first time in my life, I couldn’t be there for the clip“, he explained to the host of RFM. And it is in the end a version of the clip quite different from the one which had been initially envisaged that the users of Youtube were able to discover.

One thing is certain, this last minute change due to his health had no impact on the success of ” You “. The obvious proofs are the many comments published by Slimane fans under the video of this clip. Slimane an immense artist who sings with his guts ! Like a flayed alive! Emotion, depth in the lyrics, the interpretation and of course this incomparable voice! Cheer “, “Again words heavy with meaning, very moving… all the songs on this album are beautiful. Thank you very much and again for the emotion you convey…” we were able to discover on Youtube.

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