Slimane in a relationship with Esmeralda’s mother? His cash response

Very secret about his love life, Slimane has nevertheless made some confidences to the journalists of Tele-Leisure. Asked about his daughter Esmeralda – whose premature birth he announced in January 2022 – Vitaa’s sidekick (as always) kept the mother’s identity secret and simply preferred “To not answer“.

According to him, “the story of [sa] daughter belongs to [sa] daughter“, period! In full promotion of his new album Chronicles of a Cupidthe artist also confided to having realized that he had perhaps been in emotional dependence in the past and to have always sought partners who would bring him the happiness that he himself could not feel alone.

Having worked a lot on himself, the singer now realizes that this happiness can only come from himself. Full of gratitude and recognition, he also says he realized that he “was surrounded by a lot of love: that of [sa] family, the one for [sa] daughter for a few months… A more universal love that [l]flourishes. And probably more durable too“.

Completely in love with his daughter“, the interpreter of the title It comes and goes has also written a song for his beautiful Esmeralda baptized Thousands of I love you. Dad gaga, the well-being of his daughter has become his top priority and he has already indicated that he will stop all his tours when his daughter is older and old enough to go to school.

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