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She reveals a tip for cooking pasta in the microwave in a few minutes… Her pasta mug is creating a buzz

Pasta with butter, pasta with tomato sauce, pasta with pesto… If there’s one dish you never get tired of, it’s pasta. There are as many variations as there are tastes and desires. This ultimate recipe is perfect for making a tasty and comforting dish when you’re short on time. Even better, the dishes are also limited thanks to this process. Targeted ? The pasta mug. Like the mug cake, the recipe is made quickly using a simple cup and a microwave.
To do this, you should take a large mug suitable for the microwave and pour a portion of pasta into it, which you cover with water seasoned with salt. It is better to choose small pasta sizes that cook quickly. In this case, shells, ditalini, mini macaroni or even mini farfalle are ideal.

The mug of pasta is placed in the microwave for a few minutes. What to cook quickly and efficiently. It should be stirred from time to time if necessary. Once the pasta has softened, just add milk and cheese. Here, cheddar is used to make an express mac & cheese. The mug is again heated in the microwave so that the cheese melts and mixes with the other ingredients. At the end of the cooking, all that remains is to mix and taste this delicious pasta mug.

There are many versions of this dish. It is quite possible to make the recipe with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil for example.

An explosion of flavors

For even more sophistication and indulgence, the pasta mug comes in a lasagna mug. This time, two sheets of lasagna are pre-cooked then garnished with ricotta and parmesan before being rolled up and placed in a cup lined with bolognese sauce. The whole is covered with sauce and cheese. Everything went in the microwave. At stake ? Lasagna in small portions, sufficient and succulent.

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