she hears another bad news

The faithful of France 3 recognize it without any problem. Since 1987, Catherine Matausch presents the 19/20 the weekend on the channel, becoming one of its iconic faces. His mysterious absence between the months of March and last May therefore did not go unnoticed. At first walled in silence, Catherine Matausch ended up revealing to TV Major Channels having faced serious health problems during this period. “Life has been complicated for a year and a half. I chained several sick leaves because, among other things, of lung cancer“, she announced. The journalist nevertheless ended up reassuring: “I’m doing well. I’m better“.

But now Catherine Matausch is now facing a new blow. And it concerns his professional future this time. During the France Télévisions press conference, Wednesday July 6, Delphine Ernotte made a resounding announcement. After 36 years, the 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. news on France 3 will disappear and will be replaced by 24 regional newspapers. “Our twenty-four newspapers will drop out in full to offer complete news, and will be embodied by twenty-four faces from the regional branches of France 3, she explained, admitting that it was “the end of a story obviously very difficult for the teams“.

And indeed, the pill has trouble…

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