Shantaram, the Apple TV+ series with Charlie Hunnam, debuts October 14

Adapted from the bestseller by Gregory David Roberts, the series immerses us in the poor neighborhoods of Bombay in the 1980s.

It is one of the headliners of Sons Of Anarchy. Charlie Hunnam (seen at the cinema in Pacific Rim Where The Lost City of Z), lends his features and his impressive stature to Lin Ford, the fugitive hero of the Australian novelist. A novel with autobiographical overtones, since Gregory David Roberts, like his character, was imprisoned in 1980 before escaping and fleeing to India. Suffice to say that the author knew his subject well, which explains both the success of his novel Shantaram, but also the desire of Apple TV+ to adapt it in the form of a series of 12 episodes. The first trailer gave us a very engaging glimpse of it.

Charlie Hunnam and motorcycles: a great love story.©Apple TV+

Slumdog of Anarchy

After the first dark images evoking Lin’s criminal past and his escape, the trailer plunges us into the hustle and bustle of the poor neighborhoods of Bombay in the heart of the 1980s. The director Bharat Nalluri, British born in India, certainly knows how to on the screen the tumult and the fervor which agitates the crowded streets of the popular districts of the Indian capital. Lin also narrowly escapes an accident thanks to Karla (the French Antonia Desplat); an encounter that will largely change the course of his quest for redemption.

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Bombay the torso

The other major meeting of the hero is that of a guide, Prabhu, who makes him discover the mutual aid allowing the district of Sagar Wada to survive in spite of an obvious misery. Between a budding love affair and empathy for a population under the yoke of a powerful man acting in the shadows, Lin will have to take all the risks. Including that of being caught up in his past. Adapted by showrunner Steve Lightfoot (Narcos, The Punisher, Behind Her Eyes), the adventures of Shantaram seem accompanied by as much charisma as good karma.

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