Senna (Secret Story): Big revelation about his relationship with Amélie Neten

It was in 2010 that Senna Hounhanou was revealed to the general public, in season 4 of Secret Story. He notably cohabited with Benoît Dubois (the winner of the season), his former companions Stéphanie Clerbois and Coralie or even with Amélie Neten. He also had a love affair with her. A subject on which he spoke to Gossip Room.

They formed one of the iconic couples of reality TV. During their confinement, Senna and Amélie Neten were quick to get closer. And their love story fascinated the public. Between their fiery moments, their argument and even their wedding arranged in the House of Secrets, their adventure was unforgettable. Yet at the start, the father of the family had “not flashed“on her as he confided to Gossip Room. “It got crescendo. Inevitably, I got attached because there was confinement, competition and at some point you form a team. I think we had a common goal and that’s what brought us together. My relationship with Amélie was not necessarily strategic. It wasn’t just strategic. It was a bit, I’m not going to make my language of wood“, he confessed.

Senna still had a good time with Amélie Neten and remembered their fake wedding organized in the House of Secrets. But once back to reality, everything changed: “LThe feelings there were but in real life, it didn’t last long. So I think the feelings were a little skewed with the context. After the show, back to real life. And there, it went wrong. (…) We were incompatible. I was a young man in the prime of life. I only wanted to discover all the beautiful things that were available to me.“The former reality TV candidate, who is now far from the cameras, knows despite everything that they will always be linked and that we will always talk to him about Amélie Neten.

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