Seine-et-Marne: On the occasion of the party, they create a Beaujolais pizza

Pizza Lizy Beaujolais
Florian and Kevin regularly offer new pizzas. ©The Marne

On the occasion of Beaujolais Nouveau, Florian and Kevin Roullat once again demonstrated their imagination and creativity. Their pizzanamed ” Beaujolais“, should be a hit with the inhabitants of the Pays de l’Ourcq. “With the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau, I replaced the water with Beaujolais and, in consultation with Kevin, we completed it with a base of fresh cream with roasted hazelnuts, a chiffonade of coppa and country ham and finally we added hazelnuts for the crunchy aspect and shavings of Comté”, explains Florian, one of the managers of the pizzeria in Lizy-sur-Ourcq.

Very regularly, the Fabrik à Pizza of the two brothers innovates and offers recipes for “pizzas of the moment”, which are scattered: Alsatian pizza with Munster, chilli, Abricotine, embellished with apricot jam, pistachios and Mirabelle plums entertained the regulars of the establishment.

Renew elsewhere than in recipes

In order to boost their business, which has become a safe bet in Lizean catering, Kevin and Florian are preparing for the football World Cup: “We are going to broadcast the football matches on our two TVs and a jersey from the France team will be put on game in a raffle for our customers. In partnership with IAD, eight menus at 20 euros will be up for grabs during the World Cup.

Very accomplices, the two brothers are teeming with ideas: a beer dispenser is going to be installed, and a mailbox for Santa Claus is going to take place in the pizzeria. “Each child will have a personalized answer and we will give away three Playmobil boxes which represent a pizzeria, of course”.

And, icing on the pizza, four Advent calendars are put into play in the form of a raffle reserved for customers until the end of November.

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