Season 1 of the See series is free, how can I watch it?

See for Apple TV+ is a bit like Game of Thrones for HBO, a brutal series, leaning towards the fantastic, with action and blood, but also a worked story. But above all, See is one of the first large-scale Apple TV+ series. Worn by Jason Momoa, also present in Game of Throne elsewhere, See is coming to its third season. This will also be the last.

To mark the occasion, Apple offers all the curious and all the curious season 1 in free distribution. This means that you can watch the first 8 episodes of the show without paying a penny, without being a subscriber or even a former Apple TV+ subscriber.

How to watch season 1 of See for free?

  • Go to the TV app on your Apple device
  • Find the See series, either via the search function at the bottom right of the menu bar, or on the home page, in the Apple TV+ section: first free episodes
  • Once on the See page, choose Season 1. All episodes can be viewed there without subscribing and without paying


Please note that this special offer will only last until next august 29.

And to make your mouth water, here are some images from Season 3, which will arrive on Apple TV+ next Friday:

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