Screen supplier BOE finally chosen for Apple’s iPhone 14

Chinese display maker BOE has been given the green light to produce displays for the iPhone 14, months after it was caught cheating by the US manufacturer.

For the record, the supplier changed the specifications of the screens it manufactured for the iPhone 13, but this was detected by Apple – which ordered BOE to cease production.

BOE remains a screen supplier for Apple

In recent years, Apple has been trying to diversify its suppliers on most components in its iPhone, iPad and other Macs. Part of it is a matter of risk. If a supplier has a problem, Apple can ask the others to increase production to fill the gap. But it is also an additional bargaining power when it comes to talking about prices.

Samsung Display has the most sophisticated small-form OLED manufacturing capabilities, which is why it has sometimes been the sole supplier for some models since the iPhone X. Its Korean counterpart LG has long been Apple’s secondary supplier.

BOE was for years a third supplier of screens for Apple’s older LCD iPhones, but only started making OLED panels for Apple with the iPhone 12.

Everything had been called into question when the company changed the specifications of the OLED panels it supplied to Apple for the 6.1-inch model of the iPhone 13. It would have been logical to see it discarded for the iPhone 14. However , it seems that Apple has passed the towel, since it has authorized BOE to resume production of screens for the iPhone 13.

iphone 14 pro mockup pink isoft

IT Home confirms today that BOE has received approval for the iPhone 14s:

According to information from upstream and downstream of the industry chain, the AMOLED panel of BOE, a major Chinese panel maker, has passed Apple’s certification for iPhone 14 […]

BOE has received notice from Apple regarding the certification pass of the AMOLED panel of the iPhone 14. BOE will start mass production early in July, and begin bulk shipments in September. This certification was passed earlier in the year than those of the iPhone 12 and 13 series […]

According to industry estimates, in 2022 Apple will purchase over 90 million flexible AMOLED panels for the iPhone 14, of which Samsung will provide 60 million pieces and LG 25 million. BOE supplies about 5 million units only

While Apple could have done without the third thief, it certainly “forgave” BOE to better negotiate with LG and Samsung, the two suppliers being under permanent “pressure”.

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