Scandal of contaminated Buitoni pizzas: products from the Fraîch’Up range still sold in Paris

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Pizzas from Buitoni’s Fraich’Up range have been the subject of a product recall for suspected contamination with E.coli bacteria. Despite this sales ban, some supermarkets continue to put them on the shelves.

The recall of pizzas from Buitoni’s Fraich’Up range took place three months ago. The cause: contamination with E.coli bacteria. which had made dozens of children seriously ill. And despite this reminder, according to information from RMC, some distributors continue to sell Fraich’Up pizzas.

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Our colleagues found on the shelves of a Franprix store, of the Casino group, in Paris, a box of Buitoni pizza from the Fraich’Up range. The product, subject to a recall and potentially contaminated, could be purchased normally for 7.45 euros per pizza. If the store manager is absent, RMC was able to have his testimony. “Normally it’s forbidden for sale. I don’t have enough room at the bottom, that’s why I left it there. But I deactivated the barcode and I will remove the rest of the rays right away“, he justified.

Franprix subsequently announced to RMC that all of its stores would be “re-checked within 48 hours” and that “sanctions will be taken” against managers who do not respect the rules for withdrawing products.

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