Sarah (Married at first sight) as a couple: her companion is not just anyone…

In 2020, Sarah’s adventure in the show Married at first sight was a bit special. Indeed, the pretty brunette, mother of a little girl, had the choice between two men: Rudy and Sylvain. After several twists and turns, she had preferred to marry Sylvain, but the latter had to give up following a death in his family. End of the story.

Two years later, the discreet Sarah is talking about her again because she has just revealed that she had found love on Instagram, Sunday August 21. Facing the sea, we can see her kissing a young man and write in the commentary of the video: “Because with the right person, a kiss sometimes gives us the impression of healing.“And according to another participant of Married at first sight, Elodie – candidate in 2020, still in a relationship with Joachim – the duo have been dating for a while. “But ouiiiiiiiii that’s it official! But I loveeeee. You are the couple goals 2022, it was too bad not to expose it herei“, she writes, visibly happy that the lovers finally appear together.

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