São Paulo pizza loses to 19 countries, ranking points – 20-09-2022 – Cozinha Bruta

São Paulo pizza loses to 19 countries, ranking points – 09-20-2022 – Cozinha Bruta

Italy, United States, France, Spain, Australia, China, England, Japan, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Thailand, Argentina, Switzerland, Netherlands, China, New Zealand and Portugal.

All of these 19 countries appear for Brazil in the Top 50 Pizza, a wood-fired version of the Top 50 list, which aims to reward the best restaurants in the world.

It’s called Top 50, but there are 100 pizza places on the list. Brazil appears with three branches: A Pizza da Mooca (77th place), Leggera (83rd) and QT (99th). All in the city of São Paulo, which often prides itself on offering better pizzas than the Italian ones.

I don’t think you should take this kind of ranking seriously. Likewise, you can’t believe it when they tell you that Bexiga’s pizza costs ten to zero for what they serve there in Naples.

Ah, it failed to say which champion of this classification. The first place was shared by the pizzerias I Mesianelli from Caserta (Italy) and Una Pizza Napoletana from New York.

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