Samuel Le Bihan: His sulfurous ex gets loose in a string thong and hot lingerie

As a reminder, Angela Vu Ha was the companion of actor Samuel Le Bihan from 2016. Together, they had a little girl named Emma-Rose born on August 13, 2018.

Businesswoman, Angela is a DJ, model, actress and producer of Vietnamese origin but also has many hats since she has her own modeling agency, Think Model Management, and has launched her own lingerie line called Angie Vu Ha Lingerie. She is also known in the United States after having marked American television during her time on the show America’s Got Talent season 10, providing a fucking lesson with Mariah Carey’s ex-husband and juror, Nick Cannon in 2015.

Before being with Angie, Samuel Le Bihan was in a relationship with actress Patricia Francino with whom he had a son: Jules, born in 1995. He was also in a relationship with the model and stylist of Cameroonian and Gabonese origin. Daniela Beye from 2002 to 2015; they had a daughter, Angia, born in December 2011.

Now in a relationship with the beautiful Stefania Cristian, the actor of Pact of the Wolves had revealed how he had flirted with the pretty brunette at Gala. “I had seen a portrait of her taken by photographer Sonia Sieff. She had fascinated me. I tried to find out who she was, I found her contact and sent her a note” he explained, admiring the beauty of his companion.

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