Sabrina Ouazani: Heartbreaking tribute to her fiancé who died 13 years ago

A date and a letter

“18.07.22 Y” wrote Sabrina Ouazani in the comments to accompany this drawing. The date making, without any surprise, reference to that of the death of her ex-fiancé and the Y to the first letter of her first name: Yasmine. “PFor always, this date engraved in me, my Bina“, “I think about you a lot“, “Fan of cinema and fan of this actor, forever in our hearts“…His fans were very touched by this vibrant tribute.

Last year, the actress Taxi 5 published a relatively similar drawing, representing a young woman carrying, this time, a still very damaged heart. The date of July 18 and the letter Y were clearly visible in the caption of the post: “At home, there are always pictures of him. Over the years, I managed to turn this sadness into strength, she confessed in 2017 in the columns of the magazine Paris Match. “Whenever I struggle or feel proud of myself, I think of him.”

Since then, she has still managed to rebuild her life despite her immense grief. The new chosen one of his heart is none other than Franck Gastambide, his faithful sidekick on the big screen, whether in the film Pattaya or in the series Valid.

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