Russia will fine Apple for non-compliance with competition rules!

With the many actions already underway around the world, Apple risks a new sanction from the Russian competition regulatorwho intends to impose a fine on him for non-compliance with the country’s antitrust laws.

He allegedly carried out an administrative investigation and asserted that the App Store is used to control the iOS app market. The fine would be based on Apple’s turnover and has not yet been determined.

According to Reuters -which would have had access to certain elements-, the Russian service would have retained that Cupertino would have abused its dominant position in the iOS distribution market. For the latter, the American firm would prohibit iOS app developers to talk to customers inside the app about paying for purchases outside of the app store or using other payment methods.

This action echoes similar complaints in other countries, especially in the Netherlands with dating apps. Note that Apple is also in the collimator of Moscow, for various offenses concerning theiCloud data hosting and a class action suit concerning the suspension of Apple Pay in the countryin connection with the conflict in Ukraine.

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