Russia imposes modest fine on Apple

Apple was fined two million rubles by a Moscow courtnoted Reuters. The company is accused of its refusal to store the data of its Russian customers on servers operating in the country.

The Russian Apple Store, closed since the attack in Ukraine

The news agency does not offer more details, but this echoes an old news item from 2019. Apple had agreed to comply with new local legislation which imposed, among other things, the retention of multiple data on Russian territory. ‘users such as names, contacts, training, family members, but also messages for six months.

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Russia will not be entitled to the Private Relay function

It’s unclear what happened during those three years, but just recently Apple reacted strongly to the invasion in Ukraine, cutting several of its services in Russia, including its Apple Store.

Two million rubles is equivalent to €34,000, which is less than the price of a single Mac Pro with all options (€59,000).


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