Rose Festival: the spectators have seen all the colors

the essential
The first edition of the Rose Festival imagined by Bigflo & Oli and organized by Bleu Citron
and the Groupe Dépêche Midi, ended on Saturday evening in a fiery atmosphere! The same
fervor that the day before animated a young and VERY enthusiastic audience.

The MEETT doors will open, the sun is out, the volunteers, the teams
are busy and everyone is on a war footing so that this second day takes place at the
better, this Saturday. And it started well at the beginning of the afternoon. Despite their somewhat (!) tight schedule Bigflo & Oli devoted a few minutes to a discussion with young people from Equi’Boutx, Secours Populaire and the Bagatelle Social Center, structures invited by the Rose association that they created with the Bleu Citron team. The social fiber, the customary affability of the two artists once again conquers hearts.

pink everywhere

We see them drawn, colored on a crowd of T-shirts. Disguises
also ensure the spectacle on the forecourt. It’s time to relax, to smile, to pose for
selfies, group photos that spin directly on social networks. And the session
musical started just after 5 p.m., Chilla is in place, the public is already at full blast.

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IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Rose Festival: the festival imagined by Bigflo & Oli ignites the MEETT of Toulouse for the 2nd day in a row

The magic happens, everyone finds their account in this program finely established by the two
young people from Toulouse. And, no time to breathe, Luidji announces himself and the energy that goes with it. The
the human tide is stirring, everything is accelerating. Then comes the big sound of the most popular Marseillais
known all over the planet: IAM is on stage, the sound rocks, the hits follow one another, Shurik’n and
Akhenaton greet the “little brothers” from Toulouse. Even “legends” have accomplished the
trip to the Pink City! And, let’s be clear, for a set that sent wood.

Total Groove

And here is FKJ (for French Kiwi Juice) amazing on record (the last “Vincent” (Roche
Music) carries away in his universe in a beautiful way) and… amazing on stage. The night
fallen, all the cats are pink here, the smiles, the enthusiasm of the public do not weaken
not, especially since Loulou’s music surfs on “the return to simplicity, to innocence
lost” with strong borrowings from funk, jazz, hip-hop and house. Not bad for
starters right?! The rest is guaranteed fire with the little ones who overturn everything on their
passage, for an hour with a controlled show that made the audience tremble with joy yesterday.
Rebelote a Saturday evening on Earth animated by an incredible energy, a joy of living
palpable (and not only in the aspect of clothing) and a passion for music that
will not go out until late at night when Folamour, Laylow, Bon Entendeur and Paul
Kalkbrenner will have completed their sets. Goal achieved and unforgettable, congratulations little ones!

A Brussels volunteer at the Rose Festival

Chance would have it ! Pauline Sevrain, a 24-year-old law student from Brussels who “adores Bigflo & Oli as an artist and admires Florian and Olivio” applied after seeing an ad on Instagram a few weeks ago to become a volunteer at the Rose Festival. To his great astonishment, the positive response fell and, a plane ticket and a hotel room later, here he is in Toulouse! “I’ve never seen them in concert but I follow them on social networks and I wanted to support them in the realization of their dream, to bring my stone, even minimal, to the building, because they touch me. »

It is undoubtedly this approach which seduced Patricia the mother of the two boys who, Thursday evening, found herself in the same group of volunteers as the young girl. “For me it’s important, it’s to support them, I still won’t see them in concert because I have missions during their stay, but I support their dream that they are realizing today and that hasn’t no price because behind them there is the gaze of their mother, their father, family, friends. In her position as ticketing officer, Pauline discovers the numbers of Toulouse residents who have come to take part in the event: “They are nice, smiling and the heat of the south is not a legend! »

Echoes of the festival

Five girlfriends at the festival

Five girlfriends in the wind at the Rose festival

It’s a safe bet that tonight Clara, Léa, Mathilde, Loan and Sarah will no longer have a voice! The five student friends would not have missed the festival for anything in the world and benefited from the Culture Pass to attend these two days. Happy and thoroughly!

Rhinestones and sequins

The Stéphan de Compans-Caffarelli hairdressing salon has been busy during these two days. In the dressing room with the artists but also on the forecourt of the MEETT with the public, Clara and her two colleagues embellished all these pretty people! Rhinestones, sequins and hair combs added to the beauty of the participants and the fiesta atmosphere!

All dressed in pink

They go like hot cakes, sorry chocolatines! The pink T-shirts bearing the logo of the event won over fashionistas, but not only. Pink is for all ages, for all sizes and shapes. From the first day, out of stock on certain products and this Saturday at the end of the afternoon, only sweatshirts were available for sale…

Alexis, Maxence, Guerau

Three people from Toulouse between 25 and 30, all smiles, passionate about summer festivals, music and costumes that they like to show on Instagram with their mascot: rico the flamingo

Next year, no picture

Three and no longer two days of celebration are planned by the organizers of the Rose Festival in order to open up the program even more to as many people as possible. Big names should thus add to the interest of the line-up already in the making for the second edition.

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