Rihanna divine in a mini skirt with her darling A$AP Rocky: remarkable outing for lovers in New York

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were photographed leaving the hotel Ned from New York on August 25 after enjoying an evening with lovers. They seemed very accomplices, they notably held hands. The famous interpreter of Diamonds opted for a very sensual outfit: a vsemerald green satin hemise – which she had slightly unbuttoned to show off her black bra – all matched with a gorgeous mini skirt. Not to mention her heels, her pair of black sunglasses and a gold necklace around her neck.

His darling meanwhile pwore a black tank top with matching pants, leather boots and a diamond necklace. Only two days ago, they were already crackling the flashes of photographers, being once again very stylish. Including the one on August 12, this is their third side-by-side appearance in the Big Apple this month. The two lovebirds seem more in love than ever.

At the heart of a legal case

On May 13, they became parents together of a little boy. His mother would bein awe of him“A close friend of the singer would have said. The latter”barely leaves himadded the source. As a reminder, her romance with A$AP Rocky had been made official in May 2021 through the rapper, who had referred to Rihanna as “love of his life” and “the special one“. But they had been dating since 2013, since the artist became famous for his albums Long. Live. ASAP or Testing had ensured the first part of the pretty brunette for her tour: the Diamonds World Tour at the time.

But it was therefore last year that their story became concrete, at least from a media point of view. But if all goes well between them, they are currently going through a difficult period. because the friend of Kanye West is under investigation. He is suspected of having participated in a shooting last November and is the subject of two counts of assault with a semi-automatic weapon. He has since refuted these accusations but must return to court on November 2. In the past, he had already encountered problems with the justice system, in particular after being charged for his involvement in a brawl stockholmin Sweden, in August 2019.

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