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Ricky Martin accused of incest by his nephew: new twist in the case

There’s news in the case of Ricky Martin, the Puerto Rican singer who was accused by his 21-year-old nephew Dennis Yadiel of having a romantic relationship”for more than seven months” with him and to have harassed him when their relationship had ended. He had then obtained a restraining order against the artist. Jwan Yosef’s husband had denied these accusations outright before being finally cleared. His nephew had indeed, against all expectations, withdrawn his complaint.

Since then, the case seemed closed. Except that according to information from TMZ, the interpreter of The cup of life has not finished with this story since he would sue his nephew, claiming no less than 20 million dollars from him. He says he was “persecuted, besieged, harassed and extorted by a disturbed person”. His nephew would have distributed the artist’s phone number on social networks, even going so far as to create an Instagram account for one of his children, without asking permission. He would also have sent her up to “10 posts a day”.

At the heart of another affair

This case and the statements of his nephew were “painful” and “devastating” for him and his relatives. In particular, it would have cost him several million dollars in contracts, hence his desire to recover 20 million dollars in the context of a new trial. Whether he will succeed remains to be seen. Note that he is also involved in another legal case since his former manager Rebecca Drucker claims three million dollars from him.

The businesswoman’s lawyers assure that Ricky Martin has “completely refused to pay Rebecca the millions of dollars in commissions he owes her” re services rendered for several months. This would have given him “invaluable services as a manager, but also as an advisor” and would therefore claim its due. Times are tough for Eva Longoria’s sidekick…

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