revelations about their unexpected reunion

It has now been more than twenty years since their paths parted ways. In February 2001, David and Estelle decided to live their lives on their own. But that does not prevent them from feeling a great tenderness towards each other. If only to make their two grown-up daughters happy: Ilona, ​​23, and Emma, ​​21. Despite their respective careers, which often leads them to move from one continent to another, they knew how to be very present parents, always listening to their children. And fate paid them back since a few days ago, their eldest Ilona, ​​gave birth to her first child, a little boy fruit of her love with her husband, Kamran Ahmed. The grandparents did not hide their joy. “Welcome to this magnificent Jedi, to this crazy world! “, posted the singer. “I am beyond happy to have this baby! It’s the first time for me! “, declared the model to our colleague “Nice Matin”.

More than 1.4 million people have followed their example

Much to their joy, they were still unaware that fate was going to bring them together again for the good cause, joining forces to fight a fight in which the duo emerged victorious. Thursday 1er September, David and Estelle have indeed shared on their Instagram account a petition that both have signed and whose objective is to finally put an end to the use of animals for laboratory tests, whether medical or cosmetic. A petition launched at the initiative of the famous association PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which has had unexpected success, whose leaders welcome “We did it!, They wrote on Instagram. More than 1.4 million sympathetic European citizens have signed up for a Europe without animal testing. PETA has campaigned tirelessly to bring this citizen project to fruition and you have responded! But as proud as they are to have contributed to winning this battle, David and Estelle know that the war remains to be won.


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