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Restaurant Chain Sponsors One Free Pizza A Month For Assam Couple, Here’s Why

An Assam couple who previously went viral for signing an unusual gourmet deal on their wedding day have once again become the talk of the town. They are now sponsored with a free pizza once a month by Pizza Hut. For those who don’t know, Mintu Rai and Shanti Prasad got married in June this year. Not only did they take the sacred vows, including in Hindu wedding rituals, but they also made a special contract about the fun little things they would go on together. The deal in question consisted of all the fun things they wanted to do together, including going to the gym every day, going shopping every 15 days, and going on pizza dates once a month.

On the special occasion of Karwa Chauth 2022, multinational food chain Pizza Hut stepped forward to help the couple fulfill the pizza clause of their contract. Pizza Hut India recently took to its official Instagram profile to announce that the restaurant chain will provide the couple with free pizza once a month for a year.

During the announcement, the outlet wrote: “One pizza a month for a long and happy life with your hubby!! This is what we live for. Happy Karva Chauth to all happy couples who love pizza. The announcement was made alongside a cheerful video of Mintu Rai and Shanti Prasad enjoying delicious pizzas at the food outlet. From clicking selfies to stealing the last slice of pizza, the fun video features the couple enjoying a gala together. Watch the clip below:

Within three days, the viral couple’s video amassed over 30,000 views and over a thousand likes on the photo-sharing app. A barrage of users dropped hilarious responses in the post’s comments section. One user wrote: “Free me pizza paane ki ninja technique thi yeh? (Is this a new ninja technique to get a free pizza?),” several others dropped fire emoticons in the comments section.

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