Reorder It rearranges info in Apple Contacts

Reorder It fixes a persistent flaw in Apple’s Contacts app: the inability to reorder multiple entries in the same category. For example, a person has multiple email addresses or phone numbers and you prefer to see them displayed in a different order than you originally entered them.

Reorder It!, center, with a change in a contact’s email list. If necessary, you can also delete an entry from the utility

This small function is impossible, there is no other way than to redo everything manually. The little app Reorder It! (€0.99) displays contacts who are in this situation of having several lines filled in in the mail categories, but also those of telephone numbers, postal addresses, site URLs and dates. And in front of each, there is the small handle essential to reorder this information between them.

Changes are immediately reflected in Contacts on iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, iCloud… but not on macOS. Contacts on Mac is impervious to these changes, the original order is immutable. This is the only real flaw of this little utility, but it’s a safe bet that it’s not because of its developer.


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