Rapper Timal hits his dog and shares the video, 30 million friends file a complaint

Beware of falling when approaching the peaks. After having recently collaborated with Booba for his title Chameleonrapper Timal is the subject of a wave of indignation on social networks, after posting a video on Snapchat on Tuesday in which he hits his dog.

The artist from Seine-Saint-Denis films what looks like a puddle of urine on the floor of his apartment, before kicking the animal several times, taking refuge on the sofa.

The images immediately made the rounds of social networks, on which many Internet users expressed their anger at this act of cruelty and the shocking nature of the images. Some have arrested the police and the gendarmerie, but also the 30 million friends foundation. The association announced on Wednesday that it had taken charge of the dog and filed a complaint against the 25-year-old young man, thanking “all those who intervened” on Twitter.

Timal tried to justify himself, posting another video of his dog wearing a muzzle, accompanied by the message “Ahh cvvvv jlaim lboss c léduc” (it’s ok I love him the boss, it’s education) and emojis crying with laughter. This has only reinforced the anger of Internet users.

In a similar case, footballer Kurt Zouma was sentenced to 180 hours of community service by British justice after being filmed hitting his cat. The French international is also banned from acquiring a cat for the next five years.

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