Queen’s funeral: Look at the unpublished and official photo of Elizabeth II which has just been published by the Twitter account of the British royal family

Check out the never-before-seen photo of Queen Elizabeth II that was just posted by the British Royal Family’s Twitter account. It had been taken on the occasion of the platinum jubilee of the queen, the first monarch of the country to celebrate this event.

Increasingly frail in recent months, suffering from mobility problems, Elizabeth II died on September 8 in her Scottish castle of Balmoral. Two days earlier, she still received there, smiling, the brand new Prime Minister Liz Truss, her last public photo. She was the oldest serving leader in the world. During her life, she went through the Second World War, saw the dissolution of the British Empire.

His funeral completes a national mourning marked by an immense wave of collective emotion.

Tens or even hundreds of thousands of people came to gather in front of the remains until the last moment and the closing around 05:30 GMT of Westminster Hall, the oldest section of parliament where the coffin was exposed 24 hours a day for five days.

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