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production of certified organic fresh and dry pasta

The adventure began with Pauline Murati, 6 years ago, on the markets. She made her pasta directly in front of passers-by with the machine she carried with her. As for the shop in Artiguelouve, Pasta Murati was created two years ago. It is also a manufacturing workshop where a wide range of fresh products is born, most of them certified organic. All kinds of organic fresh pasta from the most classic to the most unexpected. Spaghetti, fusilli, macaroni, or tagliatelle with organic Espelette pepper. For organic dry pasta, for example, organic conchiglie in 4 colors which look great on the plate or organic curry tagliatelle, and 5-color seaweed pasta. When it comes to fresh ravioli, a lot of creativity. Like the green asparagus Bresaola ravioli, or with porcini mushrooms, honey walnut goat cheese, there is also chorizo ​​with candied vegetables, or ham and dried tomatoes… And these are just a few ideas. Soon, Pasta Murati will expand its palette with canneloni and Asian-inspired ravioli.

Pasta Murati is also a shop in Artiguelouve where you directly buy your pasta, ravioli and other flavors made on site.

To find the Pasta Murati brand, you go directly to the Artiguelouve boutique workshop. Pauline and Arnaud Murati-Arnaud are fans of short circuits. They are present in about fifty circuits like those of the Ruche qui dit oui or the Locavor network. Moreover, Arnaud is the manager of Locavor de Billère. The opportunity to diversify what we can buy for our meals and especially directly from local producers, within a radius of 50km around Billère.

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