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Prince William relieved to see his brother Harry go to the United States, Kate Middleton of the same opinion!

If Prince Harry has spoken a lot in the media about the reasons for his departure to the United States, he who lived so badly living in the royal familythis has never been the case with his brother William, the new Prince of Wales.

On the contrary: the future king, who more than ever respects the motto of his grandmother Elizabeth II, “never explain, never complain“, never said a word about it. Yet experts now claim that the 40-year-old would have been so upset by these tensions that he would even have been relieved to see his brother go and move several thousand kilometers away from him.

In an article published recently in Vanity Fair, they even reveal that the eldest son of the then Prince Charles would then have explained to his relatives that “the drama was finally going to be able to stop“. An opinion shared by Kate Middleton, his wife, previously very close to Prince Harry but who did not even exchange a glance with him during their public appearances together in recent days near the coffin of Elizabeth II.

Unforgivable divisions?

It must be said that the couple from Wales would have a lot of trouble forgiving prince harry and his wife to have divided the family to such an extent. The interview given to Oprah Winfrey would also have gone very badly, especially since both had attacked Kate Middleton, accusing her of having made the American actress cry. Statements that did not help the relationship between the two couples, who did not see each other for many months.

Last June, all four could have met for the Jubilee but thePrince William had refused to see his brother in private, afraid that the least of his words will end up in the newspapers or in an upcoming interview. Claiming a visit to Cardiff, he had even decided to zapper the first birthday of his niece, Lilibetmaking his brother furious: he, accompanied by his family, had left the United Kingdom even before the end of the celebrations.

However, things seem to have settled down slightly in recent days. : forced and forced, the two brothers found themselves for the burial of Elizabeth II, their grandmother to whom they were so close. Agreeing to parade side by side in processions and to meet at several dinner parties, they would have managed to build a fragile truce. But everything could definitely change at the beginning of next year: Prince Harry should indeed come out of memories, which are already looking explosive…

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