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Ploërmel: an Italian restaurant will open at the end of 2022

Simone Pizzeria Ploermel Morbihan
Originally from Italy, Simone Vannozzi is going to open a pizzeria rue Beaumanoir in Ploërmel (Morbihan). The opening is expected by the end of the year. ©Le Ploërmelais

The good smell of pizza will soon come to rue Beaumanoir in Ploermel (Morbihan).

By the end of the year, Simone Vannozzi will open her pizzeria. While waiting to be able to delight the taste buds of the Ploërmelais, the Italian of origin is closely following the progress of the work and its share of unforeseen events.

Originating from Rome, Simone and her dad Gaudenzio, better known as Enzo, had to fight for many years before they could find a place. “It took us three years to find something that met our expectations,” explains Enzo, referring to the premises located in the historic center, at number 9 rue Beaumanoir.

Experience acquired in Italian pizzerias

Wishing to focus 100% on this new project, the Italian chef and his son decided to leave aside the take-out pizza service offered for almost a year and a half. The objective is to take the time necessary to best prepare for the opening of the pizzeria. “It takes a long time,” confirms Enzo.

Having noticed that “many employees and schoolchildren” eat lunch in Ploërmel, Simone decided to set up in the ducal city to offer her pizzas there. And, he intends to use the experience acquired in restaurants and pizzerias in Italy and France to make his mark. And, its desire to offer “typical Italian dishes” should work in its favor. “He is the first to make this proposal here,” according to his father.

Discover Italian culture

If the opening is only planned in a few months, “at Christmas” Simone hopes, he already knows what he will offer his customers when the time comes.

I will offer à la carte pizzas for lunch and traditional pizzas in the evening

Simone, pizza maker.

All the pizzas on the menu will be from Roman cuisine, Simone’s specialty. Wishing to “discover Italian culture”, he will then offer products from the gastronomy of his country of origin.

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But before being able to get hands-on to shape her pizzas, Simone carefully supervises the work that is going on in the premises left vacant by Le dé à couture.

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