Platoon, Apple’s new application for artists

Apple’s acquisitions sometimes take time to bear fruit. In 2018, the Californian firm took out its portfolio to buy Platoon, a British company founded in 2016 by a former Apple employee whose mission is to discover unknown talents and help new artists build a career. A fairly logical purchase given Apple’s strong ties with the music industry, but the consequences of which were not immediately visible.

It is now a little clearer: Apple has just published a new application called Platoon for Artists downloadable from the App Store. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with Splatoon 3 which will be released next month on Switch, but is obviously aimed at singers and singers who would like a little help to make themselves better known. However, it does not yet appear in the search results, perhaps the time that Apple formalizes its launch.

Image iGeneration.

Platoon promises to be “the best place for artists” by allowing them to promote their tracks, analyze their listening statistics and monitor their revenue generated on different platforms. Slight detail however, this service with the zebra icon is not open to everyone and you will necessarily need an invitation to join it. When we attempted to log into it with an Apple ID, Platoon suggested we ask our manager to give us access. One day maybe… 👩🏻‍🎤🤑


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