Plans: Apple’s next good financial plan

There was a time when Steve Jobs bragged and boasted that the iTunes Music Store didn’t ship any advertising space. At the time, some labels were however ready to put a small fortune to be put forward. Twenty years later, the atmosphere has changed in Cupertino. Advertising is a $4 billion business that is set to grow in the years to come. After the App Store, advertising should appear in one way or another in Maps, Podcasts, Books and Apple TV+, according to the indiscretions of Mark Gurman.

Advertising soon in the Maps, Podcasts, Books and Apple TV+ apps?

In his Sunday delivery, the journalist goes a little further and affirms that Plans would be concerned from next year. The development work would have already started. Gurman insists on the fact that we should not expect “dumb” banners which would pollute the screen.

Just like on the App Store, it is the search results that will be targeted. You type “Pizzeria” and “Lyon”, the first result displayed will then not be the most relevant, but a sponsored ad. Apple didn’t invent anything, its main competitors have been doing it for a very long time. But when you imagine the number of requests that the Plans servers must receive each day, it is probably enough to make you dizzy. It remains to be seen how users will react.

But Apple could pocket everyone by adding additional features. Cupertino could for example facilitate the reservation of a table in a restaurant via its application and pocket a small tip on the way!


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