Pizzeria Pepe & Pina in Saint Jean de Védas wins pizzas on Instagram

The Pizzeria Pepe & Pina in Saint Jean de Védas makes earn pizza on instagram. The restaurateurs have installed a pizza box in the city center of Montpellier. To encourage customers to buy them, contests are organized on the Instagram social network. You have to take your picture with the pizzas. The funniest photos are selected and the winners win free pizzas.

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The next contest starts this Friday, October 21, you have to go to the Instagram page of Pepepina.box
and follow the rules posted there.

Interview with the manager of the pizzeria, Julien Malta.

You’ve already made someone happy who won a year of free pizzas. How was this competition?

We started a competition on September 5th. We wanted to mark the occasion for the opening of a new pizza machine in the heart of downtown Montpellier. You just had to subscribe on Instagram. And so on September 26, there was a draw. Indeed, a person won 52 pizzas over the year.

So you are organizing new contests on the Instagram social network?

We have a first contest which will be a photo contest. For a week, all customers will be able to take their picture at home with a pizza they have bought from us. We hope for a pretty fun picture out of the ordinary with the pizza. And then we will win the three most beautiful photos. Then we will try to have contests every month in order to always win some pizzas for our customers.

All this on the Instagram social network, so you have to follow your account. Why organize this kind of contest?

With my two friends, we created this company to distribute pizzas from a Pépé Pina Box machine. We also wanted to have fun in our adventure. We thought about lots of little games so that we have fun and make our customers have fun. And then, the goal is to communicate in a different way than simply paying for a communication or calling on influencers. We want to have fun, we want our customers to have fun.

Julian Malta. It’s time to make people want to participate in a contest that will be organized on your Instagram account. Are your pizzas as good as that?

Today, we’ve been doing this in Montpellier for almost 60 years. My grandfather, my father and myself. We have the whole family who has pizzerias in Montpellier. I think that our reputation is second to none but it is to be perpetuated.

It is quite difficult. We have, I think, for many years some good feedback it seems to me. So, I would say to you that they are even excellent.

To participate in the competition, you must therefore go to the Instagram page of Pepepina.box


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