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Pizza party at Saint Eutrope, DJ at Chardonnay… Where to go for Beaujolais Nouveau in Clermont-Ferrand

Unless bad weather comes to spoil the party (it’s not won), Beaujolais Nouveau is a good opportunity for restaurateurs to stock up, Thursday, November 17, 2022. Many of them rack their brains to offer a festive, gustatory and obviously boozy evening.

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To make it easier for you, we have selected five establishments that have chosen to treat you.

1/ Straw at the Canailles

“Straw, guinguette and Beaujo’ atmosphere.” It is with these words that Thibaut, the boss of Les Canailles, describes Thursday evening. It will be casually on the Place du Mazet, with the barnums: “Brioché sandwich with Auvergne sausage, onions, red wine and two or three pistachios. » On the wine, the establishment will remain on a safe bet of the place, the winemaker Dominique Piron (photo). Without reservation.

2/ Pizza party at Saint Eu’

At Saint Eutrope, a stone’s throw from the eponymous church, Harry intends to “have fun”, as he says with his accent so british. Thursday, he brings from the US “guys from Brooklyn”, from a famous pizzeria (Ops). All with notes of early vegetables from Auvergne, no Beaujolais! Without reservation.

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3/ DJ at Chardo’

At Chardonnay, a stone’s throw from the town hall, chef Max Larrivière evokes “a relaxed atmosphere” and “standing service”, complete with hot dogs and cabbage sausage from Durif. All to the sound of the famous DJ Maurice. Without reservation.

4/ Feast at the Mouffu

At Le Mouffu, at 4, rue Ribeyre Jaffeux, we expect an evening of feasting around specialties from Lyon. “On the menu, brioche sausage, canut brains, veal liver” and other joys. ” Without reservation.

5/ Tokyo at Ferdinand’s

Ferdinand’s workshop, not far from the Place du 1er-Mai, stands out from the others with an unprecedented offer: “Nipponese nibbles. » Nigiri, maki, tempura will be eaten… with a baguette! With notes of red, of course, like Morgon, Julienas, or Saint-Amour… Reservations at

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