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Pizza Nico has opened a pizza distributor made in France

Nicolas Volf, known for fifteen years in Vauvert under the name Pizza Nico opens a pizza distributor. He had been thinking about it for several years, but the search for the premises and the administrative procedures took time. “No, it’s not a reflection during confinement! he explains, but the desire to provide 24-hour service every day. “The requests all arrive at the same time during peak hours.

The idea came to satisfy everyone quickly, and also to eat a pizza at any time. The investment is sizeable for this imposing machine made in France, of which the customer will only see the facade. If the amount of the investment is kept secret, Nicolas drops a small ingredient. “Profitability is achieved with at least ten pizzas sold per day! In the background, a cold room that stores the pizzas, automatic arms that send them to the adjoining oven, then to the distributor. The pizzas are made by Nicolas and his team at the pizzeria, with the same care. A small room allows the customer to wait under cover, but the wait should not be too long. Cold pizza arrives in thirty seconds, hot in three minutes!

Nico Pizz 109 rue des Capitaines Contact 06 19 58 32 84

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