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Pizza Hut Toulon » opening soon


In the Var, Pizza Hut Toulon remains permanently closed.

The company has more than 13,000 restaurants around the world in 1999. Many points of sale are thus available throughout France, but not a single one in Toulon currently.

  • No Pizza Hut restaurant is currently available in your city of Toulon. Awaiting confirmation of the address. So please be patient.

Many pizzerias are available in the city of Var, however none belong to the famous fast food brand.

It should be noted, however, that some Toulonnais and Toulonnaises have known, in the past, a restaurant of this brand opened in the city. Some time ago, an address was opened at 27 Pl. Albert 1er, 83000 Toulon, France. Unfortunately, the place has closed its doors for good.

Currently, no official press release makes it possible to envisage the opening of a point of sale in the Varoise city in the medium term. Toulonnais and Toulonnaise are therefore forced to go to another city. This to finally be able to visit a restaurant of this international catering brand.

Pizza Hut near Toulon

For Toulonnais and Toulonnaises, visiting a point of sale will not be easy. Indeed, it will be necessary to cover a considerable distance. The nearest restaurant is thus located in Marseille.

If this does not discourage you, the exact address of this point of sale of the brand is also located at 31 Bd Baille, 13006 Marseille, France.

ADDRESS 1: 31 Boulevard Baille, 13006 Marseille, France

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Opening Pizza Hut Toulon

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So welcome to the Toulonnais and Toulonnaises. Your opinion counts!

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