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Pizza Hut plans to move to rue Neuve

Not yet in training

As this is already a place for commercial purposes, the main purpose of the permit application relates to the placement of a sign, we are told by the Town Planning Department of the City of Huy where the file is currently at the completeness analysis preceding the launch of the instruction itself. “The college has therefore not yet been seized of the file”specifies André Deleuze, the Huois alderman of Town Planning.

Without predicting the final decision on which this request will lead, the interest of Pizza Hut is positively commented on by the burgomaster ff of Huy. “That’s good news in itself, thus believes Éric Dosogne. When a chain like Pizza Hut seeks to settle in a city, it is never by chance but following a market study. It is reassuring about the potential of our city and its influence with potential investors.”

O’Tacos is also exploring

This interest could still increase soon since the O’Tacos brand (the Tex-Mex fast-food chain) is busy exploring various possibilities of places with a view to settling in Huoise lands in the long term.


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