Pizza Hut launches rice-based pizza in Japan. We want the same in France!

Because of the war in Ukraine, many countries – including France – are facing shortages and substantial price increases on many products, starting with wheat. The Pizza Hut company had a brilliant idea to save a few euros on the price of raw materials: replace wheat with rice. Explanations.

Many traders are struggling to cope with soaring prices, like ice cream parlors who have had to raise their prices to get by financially. Due to the situation in Ukraine, the cost of gas and electricity has increased. Added to this are poor harvests due to climatic conditions. Result: the price of raw materials has also increased, pushing the glaciers to sell their ice cream more expensive this year. And they are not the only ones. Wheat exports from Ukraine had been at a standstill for several months, while the country is considered Europe’s breadbasket for its global wheat and sunflower production. Supply can no longer meet demand; we are witnessing a surge in prices. To cope, some have found a stratagem that is original and greedy to say the least.

Pizzas made from rice cakes

The defenders of vera pizza napoletana have better watch out: the Pizza Hut brand has decided to take some liberties with the real pizza recipe. Down with pizza dough made from wheat flour, the fast-food brand has found a…

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