Pizza Hut has just launched the first pizza delivery robots! | Tech - WORDROM.COM

Pizza Hut has just launched the first pizza delivery robots! | Tech

In Vancouver, Canada, on the sidewalks, you can come across humans, dogs, and robots. Yes, robots delivering pizza ! Looks like Star Wars? Yes, somewhat… Behind this innovation? The Pizza Hut Franchise. The small robots leave the establishment and are able to deliver to your doorstep. Technically, these are equipped with GPS sensors and a heated trunk to pamper your meal. The latter cannot be unlocked only with a code sent to your phone.

These robots are intended to complement our current delivery model. The intention is in no way to get rid of our current delivery drivers, we just want to be able to offer even more customers the opportunity to enjoy our pizzas”, explains Daniel Fingerote, the manager behind these little turfu robots. As a reminder, too, a few months ago, Pizza Hut inaugurated its first robot-restaurant-pizza in Israel: Hyper Food Robotics. A spot where the pizzas are only prepared by robot arms capable of cooking 50 per hour.

Going back to the franchise’s newest deliverers, the pilot delivery robots are currently traveling a distance of 2km around the restaurant. If the results are conclusive, the perimeter will extend to all of Vancouver before maybe crossing the ocean and landing in France (who knows?).

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