pizza frittas like in Naples from La Boite Rose

La Boite Rose, the new pizza spot in the Martinière district, in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon, allows you to taste the famous pizza frittas, calzone pizzas cooked in frying oil.

The first time I came across the concept of pizza fritta was during one of the very first trips we did for the travel section of CityCrunch, in Naples. We had already had lunch, but the sight of his pizzas dipped in hot oil had aroused our curiosity and our appetite.

We fell in love with these pizza frittas from the first bites. The crispy dough side bringing an ultra gourmet touch to a dish that is already not lacking in it. Cherry tomato on the cake: the dough, made harder by cooking, allows tasting on the go and to take away (you have already tried to eat a pizza while walking!). No wonder pizza fritta has become a street food classic in Italy.

So, when I saw that La Boite Rose was offering fritta pizzas on its menu, I couldn’t resist the urge to taste this famous Neapolitan dish again.

A small stall and oil

I go to the Boite Rose on a July afternoon, despite the scorching temperatures. The place is very small and if it weren’t for the summer terrace, it wouldn’t be possible to eat there.

I show up at the counter. Only 3 pizza recipes are offered in a fritta version. La Mama (tomatoes, fior di latte and basil), Prosciutto (tomatoes, fior di latte, ham and basil) and finally O My Truff (truffle cream, fior di latte, parmesan and basil). It’s super simple, but experience has taught me that the least complicated things are often the best.

I order a Prosciutto and sit out on the terrace with a coke zero (yes, sorry, that’s not very Italian). My pizza arrives quickly. It is perfectly browned and seems very filling. I wonder if I’ll be able to finish it.

Very good, but…

Even if the dish is intended to be eaten on the go (and therefore with the fingers), I grab my knife and my fork to cut this pretty fritta. As I bring the first bite to my mouth, long threads of melted cheese stretch between the two freshly cut portions. First impression: it’s very good. The products used are fresh and tasty. The light and fairly airy dough. The only disappointment: the texture. The dough lacks a bit of crispiness. I think she deserved to soak in her oil bath a little longer.

Without really realizing it, I finish my copious plate (I actually never really doubted that I could finish it) Happy and sated, I go back to work with the feeling of having made a short trip to Italy between noon and of them.

The check, please

The fritta pizzas from the Pink Box are between 12€ and 15€. Which is reasonable for this type of establishment (and given the generous size of the pizza).


😍 I liked:

  • The street food pizza concept
  • The simplicity of the recipes, like in Naples
  • The flavors rather at the rendezvous

😍 I liked less:

  • The lack of crispiness of the dough

In the end, the Boite Rose allows you to taste a typical dish from Naples that we do not yet see too much in Lyon.. Admittedly, it’s not worth a pizza frittas (yes, purists, I can already see you in the comments!) tasting on the steps of People’s Square, but if you can’t afford a short round trip to Naples, this summer, the Boite Rose will allow you to believe in it a little.

The Martiniere Rose Box

🏠 4 rue de la Martinière, 69001 Lyon
🚇 City Hall Metro
⏰ Open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday and in the evening only on Sunday and Monday
👉 Follow the Pink Box on Facebook

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