Pizza distributors at the Intermarché in Dieppe

Magdy Sefin and her colleague, Amandine Fossi in front of the pizza distributors (©pizzeria Laventura)

Hard to miss them. Since the beginning of July 2022, two imposing machines have been enthroned in front of the Intermarché de Rouxmesnil-Bottles, at the exit of Dieppe (Seine Maritime). Given their design, it is impossible to go wrong, we are faced with two pizza vending machines.

They are the new acquisition of the pizzeria Lavantouralocated at Pollet. Its owner, Magdy Sefin, decided to invest in these two machines to diversify its offer and attract a new type of clientele.

“It can be useful for people who get up very early or work very late, as it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows easier access to our pizzas,” he explains.

Magdy SefinManager of Lavantoura

Modern machines

Each dispenser can prepare two pizzas at the same time and the waiting time is four minutes. This is explained by the preparation of the pizzas upstream, at the restaurant, the distributor taking care of cooking them live.

In terms of hygiene, which is essential in these stand-alone dispensers, the machines are equipped with a cold room and are automatically blocked when an expiry date is exceeded or when the temperature of the machine is no longer up to standard. Human intervention is therefore mandatory to restart the system.

A new way of consuming pizza, therefore, which will not take away the happiness of customers for Magdy Sefin:

“Pizza appeals to everyone and it’s a hearty meal. There will be four choices of pizza in all, the thickness and weight of which will be a little different from those offered in restaurants. Customers will be free to choose to consume the product hot or cold.

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