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Pizza Cozy unveils a new menu made in France and eco-responsible

Reaffirming once again its commitment to eating well and its attachment to the land, the Pizza Cozy franchise has just unveiled, after 7 months of work, a new menu made in France based on fresh and seasonal products sourced in short circuit. . A new menu with the launch of La Fabrique, the brand’s laboratory.


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8 seasonal recipes on the new Pizza Cozy menu

It took the head of the network 7 months of work to develop this new menu with demanding sourcing. Indeed, eager to promote more than ever the terroir and the French producers, the Pizza Cozy franchise took advantage of these few months to develop unique recipes and set up partnerships with producers.

The new 2022 Pizza Cozy menu therefore includes new exclusive recipes including 8 seasonal recipes (4 recipes for the winter menu; 4 for the summer menu) giving pride of place to a few new products such as courgette cream, pumpkin cream, porcini mushroom cream, truffle honey, smoked brézain (a Savoyard cheese constituting an excellent alternative to Italian smoked cheeses), pan-fried mushrooms, etc.

Furthermore, the PDO cheeses are therefore offered exclusively in local recipes, in each region, in order to keep circuits short.

The brand has also set up partnerships with producers for the creation and manufacture of custom products developed to meet the needs of the recipes.

La Fabrique: a Cozy Pizza laboratory

The Pizza Cozy franchise also took advantage of these 7 months of work to internalize the value chain with the creation of La Fabrique, an integrated laboratory of the brand where raw products are cooked to prepare sauces, vegetables and meats.

La Fabrique then delivers the raw materials to the pizzerias in the network every week.a clever way to control quality across the entire network while limiting waste.

So if you want open a pizzeria with a demanding brand, committed to the French terroir and short circuits, go to the Pizza Cozy franchise sheet to find out more.

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