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Pizza, chips, fries… two goats die after eating fast food

At an educational farm in Hauts-de-Seine, animals were killed by pizza, crisps and fries given away by visitors.

Drama on an educational farm. Six days after its reopening, the Chanteraines departmental farm in the Hauts-de-Seine must once again close its doors. The reason ? The “incivility of users”, responds the Chanteraines park on its site, which led to the death of animals. Indeed, two goats died in August, reports Actu Hauts-de-Seine.

Victims of “unsuitable food”

The park explains that the two goats died because of “totally unsuitable food”. Fries, pizza, crisps … The fast food food, given by visitors in August 2022, got the better of the two animals, “particularly gifted for animal mediation work”, specifies the team.

According to the farm, “incivility towards animals and staff has increased” since the beginning of the summer. “Farm animals deserve the utmost attention. They are not inert toys but living beings that should be respected. Feeding them inappropriately, riding them carelessly are inappropriate behaviors even if they often leave good intentions. Throwing stones or firecrackers at them or molesting them are mistreatment punishable by law”, she recalls.

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