PHOTO. Stunning Louane in a swimsuit, she reveals a tattoo on her chest


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Louane shared a selfie of herself in a swimsuit on Instagram. The opportunity for fans of the singer to discover a new tattoo she has on her chest.

It’s no secret, Louane love tattoos! The singer and coach of The Voice Kids has so much on her body that she confided to us that she has some “between 30 and 40” in an interview last May, without really knowing the exact number of patterns that decorate his skin. And it seems that she is not ready to stop there as evidenced by the last selfie which she posted on her Instagram account just a few hours ago and which reveals another of her intimate tattoos.

Naturally without makeup at the beach, her pink hair wet and dressed in a low-cut black swimsuit, the singer has indeed unveiled a brand new tattoo on his chest. No, it’s not the tattoo that represents the word “harmony” that we know her and that she has already shown on her neckline.

What does the tattoo on Louane’s chest represent?

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If barely a fortnight ago, Louane already posted a photo of her in a swimsuit at the beach which revealed several of her tattoos, we could not detect the one she wears in the hollow of the breasts and that she just revealed today. Located between her breasts, well below her other “harmony” tattoo that we sometimes see even when she is dressed, the latter is a rather imposing motif that seems flowery. Going up on her breasts on each side, it dresses her chest and continues a little towards the neckline. The photo revealing it being cut at the level of the chest, it is not known if it goes down a little lower or under the breasts of the singer.

This intimate tattoo of Louane that we will certainly never see

If Louane Emera’s tattoos are by no means taboo, the star still has one that she doesn’t think will show her fans anytime soon. Remember, it was February 28, 2021 and Louane was invited to Click, Mouloud Achour’s program broadcast on Canal +. Catherine Ceylac had managed to untie the tongue of the star of The Voice and to learn that she had an intimate tattoo on her groin that depicts a fir tree.

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