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Pertuis: they wow the Italians at the pizza world championship

What an adventure for our two Pertuisiens, Paolo and Manu, who went to Rome at the beginning of October for the world pizza championship! Refrigerated truck for one, cooler for the other like El Loco. Paolo and Manu took care with the means at hand of their fermented pasta, raw material par excellence, the time of the trip to the Romans. The fresh dough, much better rested than our two gladiators, was thus able to enter the arena before being put in the pizza oven. Apron with the image of the organization and products under the nose, it is the talent of Paolo and Manu who did the rest.

They both wowed the juries and beat down several competitors by winning, respectively, a bronze medal and a silver medal. What was initially just a game of a nice mischief between two lovers of the wood oven, it has turned into a magnificent cocorico! In the end and despite the journey, Paolo and Manu do not hide their pleasure. “Our pizzas have won over the international community and fine Italian connoisseurs”.

If Manu is proud “to have thumbed his nose at the Italians”, Paolo is more measured because of his origins which he claims in terms of his cuisine. Mama Mia and congratulations to them!

Where to taste the award-winning pizzas? Paolo Mancino, bronze medalist (pizza classica), is at the head of the restaurant Bella Vita, rue Colbert in Pertuis. Emmanuel Moncada, silver medalist (typically Roman elongated pizza), can be found at pizzeria 721, at 721 avenue Maréchal Leclerc in Pertuis.

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