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Patrick Sébastien formalizes his break with his wife Nathalie: they do not intend to divorce!

They loved each other for thirty years. Patrick Sebastian and Nathalie Boutot even got married in the Brive-la-Gaillarde rugby stadium in 1998 and adopted Lily in 2007. But today, the 68-year-old presenter and the one nicknamed Nana are no longer a couple. A new official in the columns of the magazine Gala (on newsstands September 22, 2022).

It is within the framework of the promotion of his book Live and be reborn every day, to be published by Xo editions on September 29, that Patrick Sébastien gave an interview to our colleagues. A book in which he evokes the cancer against which he fought in the greatest secrecy, but also, his separation with Nathalie Boutot. “For years, we had different lives. She wanted to have more freedom. It doesn’t change much, except that we don’t live together anymore“, said the one who was ousted from France 2 in 2018.

When returning to his relationship with the couple, Patrick Sébastien explained that he had never considered that his wife belonged to him and that she was always able to do what she wanted. “I am a real feminist. When we met, I said to him: ‘I’m going to teach you a job that will allow you to exist without me.‘”, he recalled. He also revealed that during their love affair, he was seen elsewhere: “I was unfaithful, but I told her from the start. Like all the women I’ve lived with. None was forced to accept so there is no betrayal, things were clear from the start.

Despite their breakup, Nathalie Boutot and Patrick Sébastien still maintain good relations. To the point that the former lovebirds… are going to stay married. “With Nana, we live a model of separation. We don’t want to divorce. She remains a support. We continue to work together, she takes care of my production house. I can’t be an artist and manager. So she’s the one in charge“, he admitted. A situation that suits them both. They still have a lot of respect for each other and it was his ex who took him to the hospital when he had to have surgery for his kidney cancer.”And if she has a health concern, I’ll be there too. I don’t have a lesson to teach. She makes her life, she has her stories, of friendship, of love, that’s up to her“, he concluded. A perfect break in short!

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