Patrick Bruel talks about his friend’s fight against cancer

The news is rather reassuring, Florent Pagny would begin to recover from his lung cancer. At the start of the year, the singer announced that he was stopping his tour in France to enter a six-month protocol of chemotherapy and X-rays.

Since this disturbing announcement, many celebrities have lent their support to the interpreter of My freedom of thought. Last July, in an interview with Nice morningher friend Anggun had also declared about her: ” He has morale and he is really carried by the love of the French “.

Patrick Bruel gives news of Florent Pagny: “ I think it’s much better »

On Friday August 26, it is this time the turn of Patrick Bruel to give news concerning the state of health of Florent Pagny. It’s on the microphone RTL – on the occasion of the promotion of his brand new single – that the singer spoke.

The two men released a joint song, named Terra Corsa, with Patrick Fiori and Jean-Charles Papi. Patrick Bruel confides: “ On the set of the clip, it was great to find him. The latest news, I think it’s much better. I think things are going their way but rather in a good way, we are all very happy “.

Florent Pagny and Patrick Bruel, a long-lasting friendship »

He continues with emotion: You know Florent and I, it’s a friendship that has lasted for a very, very long time, I was so happy to find him on this clip […] It was great, I’m very happy to be part of this project “.

The interpreter of The place of great men also says: I find that the way he has [médiatisé son combat] looks like him, it’s in perfect coherence with the boy we know and love. I found that very strong and I think that’s exactly what needed to be done “.

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Finally, Patrick Bruel spoke of the fans’ unconditional support for Florent Pagny: “ I think he was extremely touched by the dose of love he received and I think he did not suspect it “.

If this news is particularly reassuring, it fits perfectly with the latest announcements from Florent Pagny himself. On Sunday August 14, the singer had indeed taken over his Instagram account to reassure his subscribers.

Everything is fine !! I’m picking up colors in the Aegean Sea, magnificent “, he wrote in the caption of a photo on which he appears soothed and in good shape, to the delight of his fans and those close to him.

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