Patent: Apple still dreams of an edge-to-edge screen

Yesterday, some supposed renders of the 10th generation iPad surfaced on the net. If their veracity is not yet confirmed, this publication coincides precisely with a patent application (number 20220246082) filed by Apple which is precisely on the edges of its Mac, iPad and iPhone screens. The document also bears a name of circumstance: hybrid architecture for zero-border display.

In the text, Apple gives us small generalities : LCD /OLED screens are commonly used in a wide variety of electronic devices and are integrated into a relatively thin frame. Such devices typically consume less power than other display technologieswhich makes them better suited to portable devices where optimizing power consumption is a constant pursuit.

These screens usually have a border around the screen which can be used to conceal, for example, certain components. However, Cupertino is looking to reduce this space again and again and obtain smaller and smaller flat edges. For this, Apple details in this patent, hybrid architectures and methods of operation of a display panelespecially for the simultaneous management of lines and pixels, all illustrated with numerous highly technical drawings. Such technology would allow reduce the number of components dedicated to the display and also to reduce the size of the borders, or even make them disappear completely.

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