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Pasta, the “Madeleine de Proust” of chefs

Garofalo invites you to go back in time through the memories of three chefs and their pasta recipes. Tomas Parisini – Denny Imbroisi – Anthony Bonnet

Often, culinary creations are inspired by childhood emotions. Garofalo invites you to go back in time through the memories of three chefs and their pasta recipes.

Denny Imbroisi (Ida, Epoca, Malro)

With my mamma Silvana, it was not the smell of toast that woke us up every morning, but the smell of the simmering tomato sauce with which she seasoned her delicious Maccheroni dishes.»

Denny Imbroisi (Ida, Epoca, Malro) Denny Imbroisi

The chef’s tip

For 1 liter of water, provide 10 g of salt and 100 g of pasta. It is the rule ! I stop cooking 2 minutes before the end to finish with the sauce. The final touch: small cubes of buffalo mozzarella that become stringy as they melt, and a little fresh basil.

His family recipe

That of Cacio e Peppe, a recipe based on sheep’s cheese (Pecorino) and pepper. I love to modify it by swapping the Pecorino for Grana Padano PDO*, my favorite cheese, and I add a little freshly grated black truffle. It’s divine!

*Protected designation of origin

Rigatoni Garofalo

Rigatoni Garofalo Garofalo

Tomas Parisini (Cugini)

In the 1990s, my parents served Linguine Alle Vongole in their restaurant, pasta with clams, garlic and parsley. As a child, while working in the kitchen, I added white wine, cherry tomatoes and Espelette pepper. My father served this revisited dish to a personality. Who loved it! This recipe has become one of our specialties »

Tomas Parisini (Cugini) Thomas Parisini

The chef’s tip

I cook my pasta in a chicken broth which gives it flavor. A tip for adding salt: wait until the water is boiling so as not to slow down the rise in temperature.

His family recipe

Cugini Pasta, a recipe inherited from my parents! This is Tagliatelle with ham and mushrooms, sautéed in chicken broth and deglazed with Cognac. In winter, I add cream and saffron.

Tagliatelle Nido Garofalo

Tagliatelle Nido Garofalo Garofalo

Anthony Bonnet (Court of Lodges)

My mother made us Spaghetti Bolognese with tomatoes and onions from the garden. In order not to get dirty, in the summer, I ate them bare-chested! With the leftover meat, she also cooked meatballs that she served us with incredible Coquillettes »

Anthony Bonnet (Court of Lodges) Anthony Bonnet

The chef’s tip

For cooking pasta, I prepare flavored broths with smoked tea or the peelings of organic vegetables and poultry carcasses.

His recipe

I love working on the taste of raw pasta and its texture. Halfway through cooking, I extract them from the broth and place my pasta in a casserole dish with raw vegetables, olive oil, herbs, a pinch of honey or apricots and figs. Then I bake at 180°C. The juice released by the vegetables is absorbed by the dough which subtly caramelizes on the edges thanks to the fruit sugar or honey.

Garofalo Spaghetti

Garofalo Spaghetti Garofalo


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