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Pasta pasta pasta by Simone Zanoni | Gilles Pudlowski’s blog

It’s a book that sounds like a cry from the heart: Simone Zanoni, alias Bomba Atomica on instagram, delivers here her secrets on Italian dough, its conception, its preparation, its cooking, its seasoning… pasta : a religion! Simone, who is unbeatable on tagliatelle with squid, orechiette with black cabbage, spaghetti alla carbonara, “the real one” especially without cream, linguine alle vongonle or even pici cacio e pepe delivers here a way of doing, to conceive, to marry, to enact. Under his guidance, the enchanted world of dough becomes a marvelous world like a gourmet kaleidoscope. This is a user-friendly book that constantly makes your mouth water.

Pasta pasta pasta by Simone Zanoni (Michel Lafon, 192pages, €18).

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