Pasta Murati as in Italy and Organic

Pauline Murati made pasta on her knees on a chair when she was little in Corsica with her dad, more particularly tagliatelle with a sheeter on the table, the tomato sauce was homemade too. Pasta is part of the history of the whole Murati family. Pauline Murati also likes the atmosphere of the markets she did with her aunt when she was young by the sea. Later here she is offering organic essential oils on the markets. in Toulouse with a friend who was making… fresh pasta! She started making her first fresh pasta in front of people in the markets since “Pasta Murati” had come a long way.

Do you know the ravioli? a war machine! does the gnoccatrice speak to you?

The “Pasta Murati” have now moved up a gear, in his workshop high-performance machines to supply demand and the queen of the house, the raviolator, is Matthieu who has fallen in love with this incredible machine! It was Matthieu after a few sleepless nights and painful failures (LOL) who managed to find the right recipe for the dough and the fillings that go well for a ravioli that holds up to cooking. As for the gnoccatrice, it makes all gourmets dream: imagine perfect gnocchi for perfect cooking Yum! The dream ! All the house pasta is organic except the ravioli. The “Pasta Murati” team is growing 3 daughters Julie, Pauline and Sandrine, plus Pauline, plus Matthieu to produce, sell and welcome us to the workshop-boutique in Artiguelouve. Otherwise on the Gelos market on Tuesday morning, on Saturday morning place Jules Goix in Billere the odd weeks and for other addresses it’s here.

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